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Angela MerkelImages for September 25, 2017

Image © CNN.com
German election: Angela Merkel seeks fourth term - CNN. .3000 x 2000 px
Image © The Independent
German election 2017: How all-powerful Angela Merkel swallowed up .... angela-merkel-germany.jpg.620 x 465 px
Image © Quartz
German elections: Exit polls, results, Angela Merkel, CDU, Martin .... German Chancellor Angela Merkel casts her vote in Berlin, Germany, Sunday, Sept..3672 x 2986 px
Image © NDTV.com
Merkel Takes On Hard-Right In Final German Vote Push. Angela Merkel Takes On Hard-Right In Final German Vote Push.650 x 400 px
Image © IBTimes UK
Angela Merkel: The world's great political survivor. Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin.400 x 305 px
Image © Daily Express
Angela Merkel embroiled in refugee scandal in huge blow days .... german election 2017 angela merkel.590 x 350 px
Image © The New Daily
Far-right marches in to German parliament, Angela Merkel holds on. .960 x 540 px
Image © India Today - India Today Group
Germany election 2017: Chancellor Angela Merkel may win a historic .... German chancellor Angela Merkel..647 x 404 px
Image © CNN.com
German election: Angela Merkel seeks fourth term - CNN. German Chancellor Angela Merkel leaves an election booth as she casts her vote in Berlin on.780 x 438 px
Image © The Times
Angela Merkel's election win eclipsed by surge of far right .... More than five million voters ignored appeals from Angela Merkel and other mainstream leaders not to.3500 x 2333 px
Image © VSD
Révélation Les petits secrets d'Angela Merkel - Vsd. Révélation Les petits secrets d'Angela Merkel.460 x 340 px
Image © Hindustan Times
Angela Merkel, Germany's 'eternal chancellor' | world-news .... German chancellor Angela Merkel stands on stage in Greifswald, Germany, Saturday, Sept..960 x 540 px
Image © 20 Minutes
Allemagne: La CDU d'Angela Merkel remporte les législatives. Regensburg (Allemagne), le 18 septembre 2017. Angela Merkel lors d'un.1200 x 768 px
Image © STV
Angela Merkel set to win new term as German chancellor. .1280 x 720 px
Image © The Federalist
Angela Merkel Isn't The Reason German Women Don't Like Feminism. Feminism, Not Angela Merkel, Is The Reason German Women Don't Like Feminism.998 x 666 px
Image © Times of India
Angela Merkel: Merkel wins fourth term, hard right gains foothold .... Merkel basked in her win but admitted that she had fallen far short of the 40.400 x 300 px
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Angela Merkel, la "chancelière inamovible" — TSA. isgeschiedenis.nl.764 x 414 px
Image © Chicago Tribune
Germans set to reward Angela Merkel with fourth term for country's .... Germans set to reward Angela Merkel with fourth term for country's stability - Chicago Tribune.2048 x 1365 px
Image © Information Nigeria
Angela Merkel Wins 4th Term As Chancellor Of Germany - INFORMATION .... Going by newly released results, Angela Merkel just walked into her fourth term as chancellor of Germany..450 x 335 px
Image © The Economic Voice
Angela Merkel may triumph but what will her government look like .... Angela Merkel By Sven Mandel (CC-BY-SA-4.0).1280 x 853 px
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Germany elections: Angela Merkel wins 4th term as far-right party .... Chancellor Angela Merkel after she cast her vote in Berlin for in the Germany elections..512 x 330 px
Image © India.com
Germany Election Results: Angela Merkel Wins Fourth Term as .... German Chancellor Angela Merkel swept elections by bagging thirty percent votes. [File Image].700 x 415 px
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German Election 2017: Angela Merkel Heads For Win, Hard-Right .... angela merkel reuters.650 x 400 px
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Angela Merkel Loses Support, But Wins Election | Trending. Angela Merkel Loses Support, But Wins Election.770 x 415 px
Image © Nairaland Forum
Angela Merkel Wins German Election - Foreign Affairs - Nigeria. .348 x 423 px
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German exit poll shows Angela Merkel is on track for fourth term .... Christian Democratic Union CDU party leader and German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacts on first exit polls.530 x 298 px
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German federal election, 2017 - Wikipedia. .1080 x 1491 px
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German Election Latest Polls Paint Pretty Picture for Angela Merkel. .800 x 505 px
Image © Dawn
Eternal Chancellor' Angela Merkel wins fourth term - World - DAWN.COM. German Chancellor and Christian Democrats party (CDU) leader Angela Merkel (R) leaves.800 x 480 px
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Photos et images de Angela Merkel Campains In Regensburg | Getty .... German Chancellor Angela Merkel (R), party leader of the Christian Democratic Union party.1024 x 752 px