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Is the government shutting downImages for January 20, 2018

Image © Business Insider
What happens in a government shutdown? - Business Insider. government shutdown lincoln memorial.2000 x 1000 px
Image © Washington Examiner
Nobody wins in a government shutdown. A National Park Service employee posts a sign on a barricade closing access to the Lincoln.1060 x 600 px
Image © The Hill
What happens if the government shuts down | TheHill. What happens if the government shuts down.640 x 360 px
Image © Fox News
A look back at every government shutdown in U.S. history | Fox News. A shutdown occurs when Congress and the president fail to sign into law 12 appropriations bills.931 x 524 px
Image © South China Morning Post
The US government may shut down – here's what that actually means .... Reuters.980 x 551 px
Image © The Energy Collective
Federal Government Shutdown: Analyzing Electricity Demand When .... In a dance that's become a bit too commonplace in the federal government, threats of a government shutdown over political differences and budget issues are ....604 x 270 px
Image © WTOP.com
A lot won't get done if the government shuts down | WTOP. FILE - In this photo March 22, 2013, file photo, the exterior of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in Washington. There's plenty that won't get ....727 x 471 px
Image © Zee Business
What happens during a US government shutdown | Zee Business. What happens during a US government shutdown.850 x 477 px
Image © CNNMoney
Trump: Government 'very well could' shut down - Video - Business News. President Donald Trump told reporters at the Pentagon that the worst results of a possible government shutdown would be the impact on the U.S. military..1280 x 720 px
Image © Fox News
FOX NEWS FIRST: Clock ticking on government shutdown; Shocking .... ShutdownFNF011918.931 x 524 px
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What happens during a government shutdown?. .640 x 360 px
Image © Fortune
Government Shutdown Looming: Everything You Need to Know | Fortune. .1280 x 720 px
Image © Metro US
Did the Government Shut Down? | Government Shutdown 2018. Did the government shut down?.873 x 491 px
Image © Stars and Stripes
Trump officials weigh keeping national parks open even if .... Trump officials weigh keeping national parks open even if government shuts down - U.S. - Stripes.900 x 600 px
Image © Washington Post
The government doesn't need a shutdown. But it may need a timeout .... In 2013 Congress plunged the nation into a partial government shutdown as a dispute over President Obama's health care law stalled a temporary funding bill, ....480 x 318 px
Image © CNBC.com
Government shutdown would create roadblocks in the housing market. .530 x 298 px
Image © News.com.au
US government shutdown looms. The US Congress faces a possible government shut down on Friday if a Republican backed, short-term funding measure does not pass the Senate. Immigration is ....1280 x 720 px
Image © CBS News
Government shuts down on one-year anniversary of Trump presidency .... Government shuts down on one-year anniversary of Trump presidency - CBS News.640 x 360 px
Image © CNBC.com
Trump claims Democrats want shutdown over DACA deal as deadline looms. Trump claims Democrats 'want to shut down the government' as deadline looms.600 x 400 px
Image © NBC News
Nervous Republicans fear they'll pay if government shuts down .... Video ....1067 x 600 px
Image © ABC7 San Francisco
Government shutdown may be just hours away | abc7news.com. What would stay open, close during a federal government shutdown.1280 x 720 px
Image © Washington Post
Your Questions Answered on Government Shutdown: QuickTake Q&A .... The American flag flies next to the dome of the U.S. Capitol building during rehearsal for the 2017 Inaugural Ceremonies in Washington, D.C., U.S., ....480 x 319 px
Image © TheBlaze
Commentary: Government 'shutdown' is likely — and I couldn't be .... Commentary: Government 'shutdown' is likely — and I couldn't be happier.1280 x 720 px
Image © Washington Examiner
What happens to the government if there's a shutdown. Why any government shutdown will be short.730 x 420 px
Image © InvestorPlace
Government Shutdown 2018: What Happens Now? | InvestorPlace. Government Shutdown 2018.630 x 418 px
Image © Wall Street Journal
Will the Government Shut Down? What to Watch - WSJ. Will the Government Shut Down? What to Watch.959 x 639 px
Image © KOAT Albuquerque
Here's what the last government shutdown looked like in 2013. .640 x 360 px
Image © Vox
Government shutdown 2018: what a federal shutdown actually means - Vox. The empty Capitol Rotunda during the 2013 shutdown. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. Congress is barreling toward a government ....1200 x 800 px
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Disaster survivors fear a government shutdown will also shut down .... 1516322378903-GettyImages-897871524.jpeg?crop=1xw:1xh;centre:centre&resize=960:640.960 x 640 px
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A government shutdown is unlikely to affect the nation's internet. National parks shut down during the last federal government shutdown in October 2013..594 x 396 px